What is Jscore?

JScore is a PC based electronic Judo Scoreboard system. It came about as a result of my youngest son starting Judo about 6 years ago at the age of thirteen. I have four Children, Two Judoka (Matthew  1st Dan and Connor  2nd Dan after only 3 years), Dr Adam Hughes MBBS Bsc, and Nicola, mum to my beautiful grand daughter Emma.

Many years ago I wrote an electronic Judo Scoreboard system for the ZX Spectrum, in Sinclair Basic, and some Z80 machine code for the timers. It was used in some club level events, but with the speccy’s  little rubber keys, and the lack of dual screen capability, it never really took off, but the idea never left me either.
When  my son started Judo, the idea immediately flooded back to me. I am a software engineer by trade, and when my son decided (at long last) to follow in my footsteps (actually far exceeded my footsteps already, I was never British Schools Champion).

I thought about producing an affordable system, which could be used by anyone and everyone, using their existing PC equipment.

Once the scoreboard software was released, It quickly became apparent that the judo community needed more than just a scoreboard, but the ability to organise and manage events as well, and so I set about designing the Jscore management platform, to bring judo into the 21st Century,  and so the JScore Tournament Manager was born.

Have a look and learn more about your possibilities with JScore and JScore TM…

What is JScore Manager?

The Purpose of JScore TM is to simplify the organisation and running of Tournaments:

It was written following requests from the user community around the world already using JScore It manages the whole Tournament from Start to finish, and drastically reduces the amount of TIME , EFFORT and RESOURCE required to deliver a seamless, well organised, professional Tournament Management Experience.

Players do all thier own paperwork via the Online Registration System – automatically updates Tournament Database. Instant Booking using Licence Bar Code or Pre Printed Bar Coded card. Player Stands on the scales, swipes the card … Booked in!

Automatically creates Knockouts / Pool Sheets, and Updates them automatically as the Tournament progresses. Can run any size tournament form a Single Tatami upto to 12!

What Equipment / Hardware do I need?

That depends on how you want to use the system.

For each scoreboard all you need is a single PC, running Windows XP or better, with a minimum of 1 GB Ram. Jscore is simple to install, and use. It is compatible with almost all  PC x86  hardware. The Scoreboard will dynamically scale itself according to the resolution of the monitor, screen or projector in use (depending on the capability of your grahics card) .  Not only for currently available resolutions, but also for any new super high definition resolutions that may be introduced. Jscore uses existing hardware, and is only limited by how large a screen you can get your hands on, or how big your projector screen is.

To add sound simply add a cheap set of PC speakers, £30 should be plenty, and you will have  a state of the art IJF Rules compatible Electronic Scoring system.

To add Tournament management capability, you will need a PC with Windows XP or better, with a minimum of 4GB ram.  If you wish to use the networking capabilities, you will need to add LAN/Ethernet adapters to your Jscore TM machine, and also to each Jscore machine. You will also need to configure a small LAN.

If that all sounds a bit too technical, don’t worry! you can still enjoy the full functionality of  Jscore TM system without installing a network!  Simply using USB memory sticks to transfer data.

Contact us for more details.

Interested in JScore Tournament software?

We are currently in the final beta phase and finalising  our preparations. If you are interested and want more information about Jscore, please contact us.